Grants Received

Social Innovation fund for Kids in Transition to School (KITS)

KITS is an evidence-based school readiness program developed at the Oregon Social Learning Center. The program provides a boost to children’s literacy, self-regulation, and social skills just prior to kindergarten via a system of positive teaching and behavior change strategies. School readiness is important not only to academics, but also for good social skills and positive behaviors in school.

Children who have the basic foundations of reading when they enter school are more likely to be reading by Grade 3. Those basic foundations include: phonological awareness (rhyming), letter–sound knowledge, letter identification, and understanding of concepts about print (for example, that we read from left to right, where we start reading). Foundational numeracy skills include recognizing and naming numbers, counting sequentially, making comparisons and ordering on number, size, shape, and color, and shape recognition. Children who had higher early numeracy skills were more likely to be performing more complex mathematics in third grade.

Extra Yard for Teachers College Football Playoff Foundation

Bethel Education Foundation received $10,000 through Pac12 and UO for educational grants that benefited Bethel School District students in kindergarten through middle school grades.

The Cressey Family Charitable Trust

Over $7,500 was generously provided for Literacy Education Grants for Bethel Schools. The Cressey Family Charitable Trust has been a wonderful community steward for Bethel students.