Grant Frequently Asked Questions

WHEN IS THE APPLICATION DEADLINE? The grant application period is from September 21 through October 26.

WHO CAN APPLY FOR A GRANT? All Bethel staff.

WHEN WILL WE RECEIVE OUR FUNDS IF WE ARE AWARDED A GRANT?  Grants will be awarded before Thanksgiving break, and grant money will be available immediately thereafter.

ARE THERE REQUIREMENTS AROUND TECHNOLOGY IF WE ARE SEEKING A GRANT FOR AN IPAD, LAPTOP, ETC?  Yes, it is necessary to purchase an approved/adopted device from the list below in order for it to be managed by Bethel Technology Services (update it, track it or add apps to it remotely.)  The Tech Department must purchase the devices and apps directly through its vendors so they can tie them to Bethel’s various client management systems. Third-party or consumer-based purchased devices or apps will not be supported by the Tech department. Please use the following list for estimating costs (please contact Technology Services for any specialty app or specific software pricing.)

  • Bethel Standard Dell Laptop - $1,600 plus/minus 2%
  • Bethel Standard (staff) Chromebook (J41, non-antimicrobial) $220 plus $30 Chrome management console license fee
  • Bethel Standard (student) Chromebook (NL7, antimicrobial, webcam, built-in carry handle) $240 plus $30 Chrome management console license fee
  • Bethel Standard Chromebook or iPad Anthro cart (holds up to 36 devices) $1,575 (includes shipping)
  • Bethel Standard iPad (mini 4) $399 plus $30 for each protective case and $9 per device management licensing fee – Limited to grants for Kindergarten through 2nd grade only.
  • Bethel Standard iPad (9.7”) $329 plus $30 for each protective case and $9 per device management licensing fee – Limited to grants for Kindergarten through 2nd grade only.

DO WE HAVE TO SPEND OUR GRANT AWARD THIS SCHOOL YEAR?  Yes, monies awarded must be used by May 3, 2019 or they will go back into the general grant fund. Due to District policy and procedure, the District audit does not allow for cash reimbursements. We will not provide additional funds above the approved grant amount.

HOW DO I APPLY FOR A GRANT?  You must apply electronically through the BEF website under the Grant tab.  Click the link at the top of the page which will take you to the Grant Application Form.

CAN I APPLY FOR MORE THAN ONE GRANT OPPORTUNITY?  Yes, it is possible for an educator to be awarded more than one grant but there is a limit of two grants per teacher. NOTE: Multiple grant requests may not be combined to create a single large project over $1,500.

CAN TWO OR MORE PEOPLE APPLY FOR ONE GRANT?  Yes, if two or more people want to work together on one grant and share the results that is fine.  For BEF communication purposes, one of the participants needs to be considered the principal or lead applicant.

DOES MY PRINCIPAL HAVE TO APPROVE MY GRANT BEFORE I SUBMIT IT?  Individual school principals will have final veto power over grants. To avoid confusion, it is required that grant ideas are approved by principals before submission.

WHAT DOES IT MEAN WHEN YOU SAY THAT THE APPLICATIONS WILL BE "BLIND?"  In blind reviews the evaluators do not know who has written the grant or what school they come from.  Please do not include individual names or the name of your school or department in the grant description. Reviewers will be voting on the merit of the application alone.  This is why well-written and compelling applications are important.

HOW DOES THE GRANT PROCESS WORK?  HOW ARE THE DECISIONS MADE? Reviewers rate each grant according to the stated grant criteria. Ratings are tabulated and grants are then ranked. Grants are then awarded based upon the monies available for use.

WHAT TIPS CAN YOU GIVE ME FOR WRITING A "WINNING" APPLICATION?  Because the grant reviewers are not professional educators, it is best that acronyms and specialized language or procedures be explained in laypersons’ terms. A simple, but well thought out appeal is best. It should address the evaluation criteria listed at the start in the Grant Details section. Our reviewers appreciate proposals that enrich the educational experience of Bethel students, but are possible within the existing framework that already exists within the various building and personnel limitations.  Let them know that you have done your homework and that what you are proposing is really possible with the current technological and personnel limitations. Wording is important. Let the reviewers feel your passion for your proposed project and the impact that it will have on your students and in your school.

I ENTER EVERY YEAR AND NEVER GET AWARDED A GRANT.  WHAT AM I DOING WRONG? Our reviewers score the applications using the evaluation criteria. Keep the evaluation criteria in mind while writing your grant. Our reviewers have to make difficult choices—there is never enough money to go around—so help them to understand the impact the money will make to your classroom or your students.

WILL EACH SCHOOL RECEIVE A GRANT?  Because the process is blind, the best written grants will be the ones that get funded. There is no requirement that each school receives at least one grant. However, the more submission from a school increases the likelihood that the school will receive a BEF grant.

WHO CAN I CONTACT IF I HAVE ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS?  Further information can be obtained by emailing BEF Executive Director Dawnja Johnson.

Grant Details

The 2018–2019 Bethel Education Foundation Grant submission period is from September 21 through October 26.

The Bethel Education Foundation is sponsoring grants ranging up to $1,500 which will be judged by the following criteria;

  • Enhance the quality of a student’s educational experience
  • Lend direct and immediate support to instructional activities and services
  • Innovative and/or effective approaches to learning
  • Probability of positive impact on students
  • Feasibility of accomplishing the project
  • Clarity/Quality of application (spelling, grammar, concise)

Merit: The grant review process will be blind; reviewers will not know what school an application comes from so that submissions can be judged on merit alone. Please DO NOT mention individual names or your school by name within the grant description sections.

Principal Approval:  Individual school principals will have final veto power over grants. It is required that grant ideas are approved by principals before submission.

Timeline: Applications are being accepted from Friday, September 21 through Friday, October 26 and grants will be awarded after Thanksgiving break.

Required: Compulsory information on the grant application includes:

  • A brief description of the project
  • An indication of why this project is important for the education of Bethel students
  • Approximate budget for the project (Please check your math.)
  • Number of students to be served by your proposal
  • Indication of how this project will be evaluated for success

Please Note: Please note that upon receiving a grant, you will be required to provide Bethel Education Foundation with a report on how your grant was used. This could be a short narrative, pictures, or video that illustrates the impact of the grant on your classroom or department. We encourage you to be creative.

Tech: There are specific requirements around technology for those seeking grants for laptops, iPads, etc.  Check the FAQs on the BEF Grant website for important details.

Notes: Monies must be used by May 3, 2019 or they will be returned to the general grant fund to be awarded in the next grant cycle.

Specific Funds: Additional funds have been awarded to the Bethel Education Foundation from the City of Eugene for proposals that support waste prevention and composting education, and from private entities to encourage literacy. These funds will be available during the 2017-18 grant process, therefore projects promoting waste prevention, composting education, and literacy are encouraged for this additional funding opportunity.

Specific questions can be emailed to BEF Executive Director Dawnja Johnson.

We look forward to learning how you will enhance the education of Bethel students in your classroom.

Grant Winners

Since 2009 the BEF has awarded more than $160,000 for innovative, engaging and effective programs that enhance the quality of education for students in Bethel School District. Congratulations to the 2016-17 BEF Grant Winners listed below.

Windy Leona, Malabon
Leslie Hyland, Malabon
Charissa Nelson, Malabon
Candice Rusher, Cascade
Gabby Calkins, Cascade
Christina Boorman, Cascade
Patrick Sinnott, Willamette
Devon Vendetti, Willamette
Cody Gulewich, Willamette
Amber Plaunty, Willamette
Paul Stieber, Willamette
Joy Hatch, Willamette
Zachary Lauritzen, Willamette
Mike Hodgert, Willamette
Gayle Stephensen, Willamette
Karen Ferguson, Irving
Debbi Holte, Irving
Erin Moss, Irving
Janay Stroup, Kalapuya

Rich Dambrov, Kalapuya
Cal Taylor, Kalapuya
Bruce Weinberg, Kalapuya
Christina Cox, Clear Lake
Amanda Forester, Clear Lake
Jennifer Reiss, Clear Lake
Lara Castillo, Fairfield
Roni Borja, Meadow View
Lynda Hardwick, Meadow View
Eric Wright, Meadow View
Rose Peck, Meadow View
Jessika Smith, Prairie Mountain
Jenifer Gerlach, Prairie Mountain
Amanda Zacharek, Prairie Mountain
Rachel Hsieh, Prairie Mountain
Maureen Clark, Prairie Mountain
Debi Bostwick, Prairie Mountain
Marty Greydanus, Shasta


(Apply now through October 26, 2018)