About Us

The Bethel Education Foundation is an independent, 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that was organized in August 2009 to support Bethel schools. The mission of the Bethel Education Foundation is to enhance and invest in educational excellence in the Bethel School District. The foundation is accepting donations to promote the academic achievement of all Bethel students in Eugene, Oregon.  Contributions to the Bethel Education Foundation are exempt from federal income tax under section 170c of the Internal Revenue Code. Our tax ID number is 27-0745177.

Bethel Education Foundation has received the GuideStarUSA Exchange Silver logo as a symbol of our commitment to transparency and accountability.

Bethel Education Foundation Financials:

2009 Financial Statement
2010 Financial Statement
2011 Financial Statement
2012 Financial Statement
2013 Financial Statement
2014 Financial Statement
2015 Financial Statement